Tape-to-Cloud Migration

Bringing massive volumes of tape data to the cloud

The rise of virtualisation and digitisation of data has been revolutionary to modern enterprises. However, many businesses are still stuck with using or needing to maintain tape based backups and the hardware and software that comes with these legacy assets, even though much of the rest of their environment has been virtualised. Tape storage has life span, scale, and efficiency limitations that can stunt a business’ growth, prompting a rush to migrate existing tape libraries to the cloud.

Tape Ark, the global experts in tape to cloud migration, has partnered with Wasabi hot cloud storage to bring massive volumes of tape data to the cloud where they can be more easily accessed and used to advance business goals.

Our scalable approach to tape migration rapidly positions your data in the cloud enabling organisations to leap into a world of opportunities. With data assets restored and highly accessible they are positioned for maximum value with decreased time to discovery and the ability to harness new insights from existing data that was previously offline and out of sight.

We offer tape data recovery and restore without any need for the customer to maintain the original software. After data restoration, we will present the data to you in its original native or raw format positioned for ingest for today’s modern applications. This also enables a company to get faster access to legacy content – anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, through utilising a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) in the cloud, your business will retain all its existing data but in a much more usable format free from the constraints of physical hardware. The centralised repository allows access to the data from anywhere in the world at speeds that are several magnitudes faster than what was allowed by traditional tape storage.

Data restore and access to virtualised tape data in the cloud gives your business the freedom to utilise that data in ways not possible with legacy systems. The low-latency and high capacity cloud increases efficiency at every level of your business. And the low cost of cloud storage combined with the infinite scalability of the cloud means there are no limits to the amount of data that can be stored.

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