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Rocket Science is a cutting-edge leading technology and systems solutions provider, focused on turning concepts and ideas into award-winning solutions. Specialising in the Media, Entertainment & Broadcast industries, we believe in challenging the status quo and the way Big Business works. Our solutions are not only pioneering but cost effective and tailor made exclusively for each of our high-profile clientele.

With over 2 decades of experience, Rocket Science was built alongside some of the most notable role players in the media industry, meeting their ever-growing technology needs.

“What sets us apart from the competition is that we understand that creative minds think differently. One of the biggest challenges in any business that has a mix of creatives, Traditional IT, Finance and Marketing executives is translating and explaining each department needs and requirements in a language that each person and their personality understands. At Rocket Science we are able to break through the “language barrier” and translate these needs into layman’s terms so that there is a mutual understanding amongst all of the role-players. We involve each role player at every step of the way, this way ensuring that every solution delivered is one that fulfils and exceeds our client’s business objectives”.

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