LTO Backups & Archiving

At Rocket Science, we understand that as your business grows, so does your need for backup and archiving.

With consistent breakthroughs in tape capacities as well as low cost and proven reliability, tape is the logical choice for long-term data backup and archiving. Tape backups and archiving mean that your data is safe, supported and accessible if needed. Our highly skilled team is able to assist with any LTO tape requirements.

We rent, sell and support all tape libraries from table top, single slot and cost effective to large super loaders.

We have partnered with leading brands in LTO Tape including Quantum & Overland Tandberg.

We offer the following


Our Solutions

Quantum’s Scalar® series of tape storage systems are used by tens of thousands of customers around the world, to provide long-term storage for compliance purposes, and for digital media and image archiving.

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Overland-Tandberg provides data storage and archive solutions that are reliable and mindfully built for the SoHo, SMB, SME and Enterprise markets enabling organisations to securely manage and protect Digital Assets.

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Spectra Logic develops a full range of Attack-Hardened™ data management and data storage solutions for a multi-cloud world.

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