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Tape has been used for decades to preserve and protect data, and today more than ever tape is the best choice for long-term storage.

Not only that, but tape has emerged as a key part of cloud and hyperscale infrastructures. The biggest data centers on the planet are using tape and using it extensively. IT departments are dealing with a challenge of storing petabytes, and exabytes of unstructured data – video, hi-res images, IoT data, research data, really valuable stuff – and they need to keep it for decades.

In addition, Enterprise organisations are concerned with the threat of ransomware. Because tape storage is an ‘offline’ storage technology, it provides effective protection against ransomware and malware.

Quantum Tape Libraries Are The Solution

  • Quantum’s Scalar® series of tape storage systems are used by tens of thousands of customers around the world, to provide long-term storage for compliance purposes, and for digital media and image archiving.
  • Quantum Scalar tape systems provide the best storage density in the market, at the lowest $ per TB.
  • Quantum can manage your tape environment as part of our managed cloud services – so you can realise the economic benefit of tape without the management headaches.
  • Air gapping your data with a physical barrier is the most cost-effective method to store, protect, and recover from a ransomware attack, thwarting the efforts of bad actors.
  • For data stored on tape, our Scalar® tape libraries use Active Vault, a hands-off approach to managing media between a backup partition and vaulted partition that is completely disconnected from the network enabling a physical air gap to keep your data safe and recoverable.

Featured Benefits:

  • Lowest-cost Long-term Storage
  • Ransomware Air Gapping
  • Industry-leading Scalability and Storage Density
  • Maximum Uptime and Minimum OpEx
  • Military-grade Encryption and Automated Encryption Key Management

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