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Driving ROI: The Case for a Proven Apple Device Management Solution

While PCs have historically dominated the workplace, that may not be the case for much longer. Apple devices have experienced explosive growth in recent years, rising 128 percent since 2010.

Filling the Gap: MacOS Security

Apple has invested heavily to provide native privacy and security features, but as Mac market share in the enterprise grows, so does the opportunity for malicious software, breaches and vulnerabilities.

Building a Collaborative Workflow for Adobe Premier Pro Remote Editing with Quantum StorNext® CatDV.

The storage infrastructure is implemented with Quantum software and appliances.

Tackling the World's Most Cutting Edge Rich-Media Workflows

Storage best practices for resource-intensive content creation and delivery

Hyperconvergence in Media

Using Hyper-convergence
technologies to offer a complete end to end solution for today’s demanding Post environment or
Broadcast facility.

Object Storage

Over the years, Rocket Science has built many custom storage appliances for mixed workflows. We have utilized common enterprise class hardware and have been able to archive great
performance and stability for mixed rich media.

Wasabi & Avid Workflow

Avid media can be backed up to Wasabi cloud storage using a tool called Workspace Tool from Marquis Broadcast.

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