Overland-Tandberg provides data storage and archive solutions that are reliable and mindfully built for the SoHo, SMB, SME and Enterprise markets enabling organisations to securely manage and protect Digital Assets.

Providing superior technologies and services that enable any business large and small to secure and manage their data storage and archive needs, we distinguish ourselves by delivering a value proposition of comprehensive data storage solutions and services that are powerful and reliable yet easy to use.

Because disk is an expensive place to store massive amounts of idle data, best practice recommends archiving data off to tape. Moving the data to a NEOs Series tape library reduces backup storage requirements, reduces costs, improves use of valuable floor space, improves energy efficiency, provides a higher level of data security and improves performance of networks and disk-based backup systems. NEOs Series tape libraries provide the capacities, features and efficiencies needed for archived data.


Remote Management

  • Provides easy remote access to your NEOs tape library from anywhere in the world
  • Enables effortless management with a simple, intuitive interface

Removable Cartridge Magazines

  • Enables secure, convenient, rapid media handling
  • Provides effortless off-site transportation of cartridges for disaster recovery planning
  • Includes mailslot operation

Upgradeable Tape Drives

  • Eliminates costly downtime
  • Provides increased performance and efficiency
  • Enables cost-effective upgrades to next generation technology

Optimized Storage Density

  • Minimises the use of costly data centre rack space
  • Scalable storage density with tape drive upgrades



Web-based remote management provides easy and convenient administration from anywhere in the world. Removable cartridge magazines enable easy access to tapes, reduce media handling costs and facilitate offline storage of your data for offline security and disaster recovery purposes. Standard barcode readers reduce media inventory times and simplify media management. Mail slots deliver easy, secure access to individual tape cartridges without interrupting library operations. NEOs tape drives are easily added, removed or replaced, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing data storage requirements.


Available in rack-friendly 1u and 2u form factors, NEOs packs 8 or 24 tapes into a 1U or 2U rack space. The ability to store so much data in such a small space minimises the use of valuable rack space and reduces your overall cost of ownership.


NEOs ease-of-use features mean you spend less time managing your backup and archive, reducing your administrative costs. NEOs is an extremely reliable platform, service and maintenance costs are reduced and the costs associated with downtime and lost productivity are eliminated. Effortless upgrade-ability to next-generation technologies protect your investment long-term while allowing you to increase your storage capacities and transfer rates in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand to store more and more data.


Providing a dense data storage capacity, NEOs tape library solutions are not only designed to meet your backup and archive needs and add storage capacity as needed. Available with SAS or Fibre Channel connectivity, NEOs easily integrates into your existing network infrastructure and provides seamless compatibility with 3rd party backup software applications. Native partitioning capability in NEOs tape libraries provides the ability to carve a single physical library into smaller logical libraries to securely use your NEOs tape library for a variety of different storage applications.

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