Automation allows you to optimize your workloads, reduce human error and free up your teams so they can focus on innovation. Innovation-as-code is a Rocket Science hosted automation service. 

We provide pre-built automated workflows which tackle many use cases from Cloud hygiene and compliance to provisioning on different platforms and configuration management.  

This service allows you to use our automation content on your cloud or on-premise infrastructure. The offering not only provides years of automation experience and best practices but allows our engineers to assist you in building custom automation and maintaining those workflows. 

As Organizations move towards digital transformation, automation is the starting point. Trying to adopt a culture of automation internally can often be troublesome, the automation journey requires developing of a culture as well as a skill set. 

With the use of the hosted automation offering, you can automate sooner while taking the time to upskill your teams and drive adoption.

Use Cases:

Cloud Provisioning and maintenance

Provision instances and resources on any public cloud. Simply the process of creating infrastructure for your teams and your application workloads while your technical teams focus on innovation.

Ensure Cloud integrity and hygiene cutting down on irregular provisioning and resource utilization. 

On-Premise provisioning and configuration management

Speed up the delivery of services to your organization by adding automation to your environment. Deploy and manage from our platform with remote automation nodes in your environment. Hypervisors, container platforms, bare metal can all be managed and maintained from a single tool set.


Orchestrate external and third-party tools and platforms like Kubernetes. Our platform allows you to use technologies like Terraform, Docker, Podman etc. and orchestrate them centrally. 

Security Automation

Automate cloud and on-premise security and compliance. Regularly automate system checks to ensure compliance. Utilize OpenScap to harden systems and environments.

Network Automation

Introduce NetOps into your environment with our hosted platform. Work with Arista, Cisco, Fortinet, Aruba, Palo Alto and many more with a central platform. Maintain network configurations and topologies with a source of truth and our automation platform.

ITSM Integration

Streamline the process of support ticket to resolution by automating ticket generation from your workloads and environmental events. Automate remediation from ticket creation. 

Automate troubleshooting and remediation while your teams sleep and improve work life balance.

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