The Sophos firewall adapts to your network, so you don’t need to adapt your network to the firewall.

Sophos Firewall offers the features and versatility you need to secure your unique environment.

Visibility into what’s really happening on your network.

Sophos Firewall removes an enormous blind spot, providing extreme visibility and insight into all your network traffic whether it’s encrypted, evasive, or elusive.

The best protection to stop unknown threats dead.

Sophos Firewall offers the best protection against the latest advanced threats like ransomware, cryptomining, bots, worms, hacks, breaches, and APTs with unique and innovative technology designed to catch threats we haven’t even seen yet.

Performance to fully protect your network and then some.

Sophos Firewall delivers industry leading performance and price-per-protected Mbps that ensures you can fully engage all the latest next-gen protection technology without compromising on performance.

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