About us

Rocket Science is a cutting edge, technology systems and solutions provider.
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Strategy and Consulting

We understand that creative minds think differently and delve deep into the needs and wants of our customers. We involve them at every step of the way, ensuring that every solution delivered is one that fulfills and exceeds our client’s business objectives and is aligned with their strategy.

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Key Technologies

One of our many strengths is our approach to scoping solutions that allow us to match technology with business requirements. It is our focus on supporting niche markets that has allowed us to successfully master the use of key technologies such as converged infrastructure, DevOps (Container Computing) and Red Hat Solutions. We stay ahead of our competitors by always searching for new and innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs.

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With the support of our industry leading technology partners, Rocket Science will collaborate with your organisation, and, through a consultative process deliver superior quality solutions to our clients. We carefully select our Partners both locally and internationally on the basis that their values, goals and objectives must align with ours.


“Our main focus is taking new concepts and key technologies and applying them to common problems in the media and broadcast industry. By delivering solutions that are far more robust, efficient and cost effective than current offerings in the marketplace, we set out to challenge Big Business in their way of thinking.”

Frank Vandenberg – CEO

We have your Solution

Get in touch with us and together we will create a holistic solution to suit your environment.